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Have festivals become too mainstream or is this a reflection of American "ratchetness"?

TomorrowWorld 2014 wrapped up yesterday and no sooner than it was over, pictures and videos of party goers were being shared across the internet, in what was not their greatest moment.

Are festivals losing their luster in America? Have they gone too big too quickly? or are we just too ratchet for our own good, in the good 'ol US of A?


We often hear how ULTRA was "too ghetto" and the reason for it was believed to be the fact that it was an all ages event. Then we also hear others complain about EDC Las Vegas because the crowd is very "immature" being that it allows an "18 and older" crowd. The "adults" like to pass the blame to the younger crowd, but here we are at a "21 and older" event and we see the same, if not worst, behavior than other under 21 events.

Sure, we can excuse these types of behavior by saying that these events are a place to be free and to express yourself without any judgment, but let's be honest. The majority of these "grown-ups" aren't thinking of their 1st Amendment, in fact, most Americans can't even recite the entire 1st Amendment, let alone the Bill of Rights.


Let us now compared TomorrowWorld with TomorrowLand. Do we see the same behavior at TomorrowLand or any other non-US event? If you haven't been outside of the US, then you can't really comment on this, but for those of us who have, we can definitely see a huge difference. People are having a blast overseas, yet they are not making a fool of themselves. In fact, the ones that were making themselves look like fools overseas were Americans.

Do you really have to pop a bunch of pills to get boderline overdose, drink so much alcohol to puke your brains out, and act like a total douche bag to prove that you really know how to "turnt up"? The American generation seems to think that people are laughing with us, but in fact, people are really laughing at US.

America is the immature, classless, and inconsiderate guest at the party who doesn't know how to handle its liquor and/or drug intake, and who literally takes a sh*t at the party.


So the next time you go to a festival, keep in mind. Whatever you do in public will surely be judged and end up on the internet. Your picture or video on the internet doesn't make you a celebrity; it makes you the joke of the EDM scene. People aren't laughing with you, they're laughing at you.

You may be taking a sh*t on the scene, but you're also taking a sh*t on your parents, your family, and all that you represent as an individual. I bet your parents, if you have any, must be so proud.

But that's my take on this, what's yours? Comment below and tag your friends so they can chime in.

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