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Step 1


Like MY LAS VEGAS VIP on Facebook.  Likes will be verified.


You may sign up for any of Las Vegas' nightclub or pool party guestlist simply by completing the easy 2 steps below. 



Who can sign up on the guestlist? 

All clubs and pool parties require groups to be all females, or at least 1 female per every 1 male (XS nightclub requires 2 females per every 1 male) to get on the guestlist.


How much do we pay at the door if we are on the guestlist?

Females on the guestlist get free admission and males on the guestlist get discounted admission, which is determined at the door and varies at each venue.  Therefore, do not ask us for pricing information.

How many people can I get on the guestlist? 

You can sign up a maximum of 2 ladies and 2 men on the guestlist sign-up form below.  If your group is larger, then just have the rest of your group sign up separately through this same page, using their own computer or mobile devile.


How do I know if my name gets placed on the guestlist?

Once you have completed the 2-Step Process below, you will receive confirmation via text on the day of the event.


Do I still have to wait in line to get in the club or pool if I'm on the guestlist?

Yes, guestlist entry is NOT VIP ENTRY.  No matter how fancy promoters want to make the guestlist sound ("VIP list," "VIP guestlist," "Expedited VIP List," etc), guestlist does not grant you VIP ENTRY.  You will be required to stand in line at a general admission line or at a "Guestlist" line where you will have to wait to get checked in.  There is no guestlist in any of the Las Vegas clubs or pool parties that include true VIP ENTRY.  So don't expect to show up and bypass the line of waiting crowds.  VIP ENTRY is a paid service that allows people to bypass the general admission and guestlist lines at a venue.  Go here to book VIP ENTRY.


Will entry on the gueslist be guaranteed? 

No.  Guestlist entry is up to each venue's discretion and each reserves the right to grant or refuse entry, including but not limited to, closing guestlist entry early, limiting number of people allowed in on the guestlist, etc.  We recommend arriving as early as poosible, especially since even on guestlist you will still have to wait in line.  If you are still in line and do not make it to the door on time, you will not get in.  So, we urge you to arrive early to the club or pool party and line up.  Most clubs open their doors by 10:30pm and pools open their doors by 11am.  The earlier you arrive, the better chances you have to get in.


May I sign up on multiple guestlists for different clubs and pools? 

You should only sign up for one venue.  Sending multiple requests will create confusion during processing and you may end up being signed up for some or none.  Make a decision and stick with it.  One of the problems with some groups is their inability to make up their mind and they end up roaming the strip while others are partying it up in the clubs or pools.  If you are going to be here for more than one day, then yes, you can sign up for a guestlist for each day you plan on heading out to party.


Step 2


Complete form below and submit.

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