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24K Gold Dipped Roses

Everybody will be running around this Valentine's Day looking to make that special someone feel special.  Giving flowers has been a long tradition that puts a warm feeling on any receipient's heart, unless you are one of those people who hates flowers.


Flowers are also known to be the quickest and easiest gift to give.  Just pick up the phone or go online and place your order, which can sometimes be delivered the same day.  But do you really want to fall into that same category as everyone else every single year?


Why not make it really special this time?  Surprise that special someone with a real natural rose that has been dipped in 24K Gold!  Trust me, just one of these golden roses will outdo any bouquet of roses any day!


These special roses have undergone a 40-step hand process during a five day period by skilled artisans and technicians.  Each rose comes in its own box.  These roses are all chemical free.


Unlike regular flowers that die after a few days, this rose will last forever!


Price: On Sale $59.99


Color: Orange only.  Red is SOLD OUT



  • Pick-up Locally in Las Vegas at no cost

  • $5.00 shipping within the US

  • For delivery outside the US, please message us first before ordering.

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