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Complete and submit "Reservation Form" below.





  • Submit this form ONLY If you have already purchased a Groupon, Living Social, or SaveLocal promotion.

  • Submit this form NO EARLIER than 48 hours prior to your reservation date.

  • We will contact you to confirm your reservation and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Include reservation date and your voucher code.  We will not redeem your codes until we call you and confirm your reservation.

  • Please remember that we can not guarantee any one venue as destinations vary each day, based on availability, but we will book you for any A+ venues that will accept this offer for the date(s) you request.

  • No Calls Please. We will contact you once we receive your Reservation Form below.




Got questions, we got answers.  Please read them to be fully informed.


  • How are venues selected?  - My Las Vegas VIP will select the venue that we will take you on your booked date(s).

  • Can groupon buyer selet what venues he/she wants to attend? - No, My Las Vega VIP will select the venues.

  • What if groupon buyer wants to attend a specific club or pool party? - My Las Vegas VIP will NOT promise any specific venue.

  • What time is each event? - Pool party check in is at 10:30am.  Lounge check in is at 10pm.  Nightclub check in is at 10:30pm.

  • Can people check in late? - No, venues require us to bring in groups on time.  If you are late, you will lose reservation and will not get any refunds.

  • Do people have to attend all events? - No. you may attend all venues booked or skip any of the event and attend the others.

  • Is there a dress code for any of the events? - Yes, please abide by these rules or you may be denied entry at the door and you will not be entiitled to any refunds.  POOL PARTIES: Swimwear (ladies can wear a cover up over swim suit) required, no towels, no athletic (team) jerseys, gym shorts, jeans, pants, work boots, clothng with offensive prints, baggy clothing, torn or cut-off clothing, see-through bathing suits, tattoo or MMA inspired clothing, or clothing that contains, chains, rivets, hooks, studs, etc.  European sunbathing is strictly prohibited.  Towels will be provided.  LOUNGE/CLUBS:  Men should wear collar buttoned shirts, jeans or dress pants, and nice shoes.  Ladies should dress to impress.  The following ARE PROHIBITED: Shorts, flip flops, tank tops, baggy apparel, work boots, hats, athletic footwear, tattoo or mma inspired clothing.



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