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VIP Bottle Service, Is It Worth It?

There's a big misconception that VIP is only affordable to high rollers, the elite, or rich crowd. However, more and more people are spoiling themselves into this type of experience in Las Vegas.

There's no doubt that when it comes to VIP service, Las Vegas takes the top spot in the world. Every effort has been made to give tourists an experience that is unique and unsurpassed. This is the reason why you will find the top resorts and restaurants in Las Vegas. As a result, every area including nightclubs and pool parties have been tailored to meet the high service expectations you are exposed to on the Las Vegas strip.

You will find the top nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas. All these high end venues are a result of multi-million dollar investments and collaborations with top club designers and promoters. Walking into each venue is an experience itself offering club goers outstanding areas to enjoy with friends and meet other tourists.

All seating at these venues are reserved for VIP guests only. This means that you will need to have a VIP reservation in order to sit at any of these tables.

Many people who make VIP reservations do so to celebrate a special ocassion such as a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party. Others do so to simply secure an exclusive area in the nightclub for their friends to enjoy the night away.

In order to reserve a VIP section, you must meet a minimum spend amount which varies from venue to venue, DJ or celebrity appearance, and day of the week. Obviously, the hottest nightcklubs or pool parties will have the highest minimum spend requirement. These are usually the venues that also have the top DJs headlining the event and the most attendance.

Gaining access to these venues is a challenge as there are hundreds of people lining up each night to gain entry. Wait time of 1 to 2 hours is common. By making a VIP reservation, your group gets VIP entry (priority entry), bypassing the long line of people waiting and hoping to get in before the club reaches its maximum occupancy.

Once inside the venue, you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of party goers, all making their way in and out of the dance floor, walking around the venue, or gathered up at the bar trying to fight their way for a drink. As a VIP however, you and your group will have your very own seating and table where your personal VIP host will ensure that your bottles and drinks are served without you having to lift a finger; well, you will have to lift some, but it will only be to lift your drink as it is served to you by your personal VIP server at your VIP table.

Having your VIP section becomes even more important as the night goes on. Clubs in Las Vegas are not your typical club. These are mega clubs hosting thousands of club goers each night which results in a very crowded venue. Fighting for a spot to hang out with your friends can be tricky and for ladies wearing high heels, this can be torture, but as a VIP client, you are guaranteed your very own VIP section for you and your friends. Here you will be able to enjoy bottle service and a great area to dance to the sounds of your favorite top DJ all night long.

The cost for VIP service varies from venue to venue, your group size, and location of your vip booth. For a quote, simply call (702) 706-8477 or click here.


  • Keeping your options open regarding venues may help reducing the cost of VIP service.

  • Top clubs or pool parties are usually the more expensive for VIP.

  • Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) are always expensive.​

  • Book ahead of time to get the best deals.

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